For Sarah... Because She Doesn't Know What To Get Me

1. Happy, non-teething child
2. A deluxe suite at a deluxe hotel for 2 nights- single occupancy
3. A full gourmet breakfast for me :D
4. A full spa day at a real spa- not, you know, EC where all the high school drop outs earn way too much money for their poor services
5. A trip around the world but only to the hot places with sunshine, where it never ever snows
That's all I can think of, for now, I mean I technically have until 4:45 a.m. tomorrow to finalize my birthday list, I'm sure it will get longer :P
I hope nobody takes this too seriously...


Sarah said...


The Whiddens said...

Happy Birthday! I love the list - I have some of the same birthday wishes myself :)