Bloggers Block

So I'm having a problem trying to figure out what to write about, because, quite frankly, life isn't overly exciting at the moment. I mean it's just normal everyday stuff... And I haven't put any recent pix on the computer... And I dunno, I don't just want to write about Kalea, but it looks like I have no choice... a bit of an update... Kalea is STILL teething with no sign of anything breaking through, although she is sleeping through the night again... She started climbing up the stairs this weekend, I know, she can't be old enough for that yet... Kalea has developed a tantrum back bend that may be lethal one of these days- her poor noggin'... We think she might have hay fever, but since she's teething nobody can be 100% sure yet, she is super snotty which I think is super gross... Kalea has started to twist and turn and run away during diaper changes- good times, especially when she's poopy... She licked my tummy twice today and she was so sneaky about it, I wonder if she had it planned?... Kalea really hates baby food, anything pureed, so yesterday we gave her KD and today she had pieces of cheese- she seems much happier and doesn't spit it out... I am amazed that she can eat solid food with her lack of teeth... She spat up all over Steve's arm in sacrament meeting yesterday- pretty gross- so I got to teach his Sunday school class- is it bad that the Sunday School Pres came in and asked me if I was prepared to teach and I said, "No I don't even know which lesson number they're on" and his response was "Oh [head scratch] well hmm..." then he leaves and brings two kids from another class?!?!?!? Yeah, Steve owes me SO HUGE for that! Hmmm... That's all I can think of... Oh I had a massage and a facial on Wednesday... Pretty much best bday present ever, thanks Steve... And... That's all... for now...


Jessica & Justin said...

Awww...a massage sounds great! I'm jealous. Not so jealous of the teething baby though. :) I hope she starts feeling better soon!

Sheers said...

haha - it only makes me laugh because Berkley is doing the exact same thing with food.
She's already climbing the stairs? Wow! Good girl...although it makes it busier for you.
And I agree about the Sunday School class - he does owe you big!

Mariel said...

Just stumbled on your blog! Lovely little family you have...and blogger's block, happens to all of us!