The View Is Changing Fast

Dear Carmen (in the Phils)
Fall is settling in rather quickly in our neck of the woods. I took this a week ago, and to be quite honest, there is a lot less green now than there was last week! I will trade you the changing leaves and nip in the air for tropical heat and some karaoke any day! Well maybe not the karaoke
Hope this helps fill your need for some "Fall". The girls and I will be going on an adventure into Fish Creek this week, so I will try to get pictures of more than just yellow, at least some orange would be nice to mix in, right?
Love you guys!


Carmen said...

You are so sweet to direct this to us. It looks beautiful, and I know you would trade me for a little while at least. I definitely don't want to move back for the winter, but Fall is my favorite season ever so if we could just trade for a few weeks I would do it:) You do have to remember that the tropical weather also comes with stray diseased dogs, crazy traffic like you have never seen, people that treat you like you don't exist, not being able to flush even toilet paper down the toilet, cockroaches and large spiders, and lots of drunk men. Haha! Just had to paint that pretty picture for you. Thanks again, you are sweet! Love ya.

The Staheli's said...

LOL! Nice picture Carmen. :)

It's so beautiful Allison. We really don't get much of the seasonal change here either...besides the fact that it cools down. Not the beautiful leaves changing and scenery though. Take advantage of it before the snow arrives.