I Forgot to Post: Christmas Cuteness & Craziness

I'm so grateful for these 3 crazy people, or maybe they're normal and I'm crazy? Haha, anyways, Christmas morning was SO MUCH FUN this year! Every year gets better and better, but this year the kids really got it and it made me and Steve so happy. We were so caught up in things this year that we didn't really take a family picture?! I am still so sad about that, the only one that we took is so hideous of me that it's been deleted forever. Why is it that in real life everyone says to me "you look like you've lost tons of weight" which is great and a nice boost and then I get a picture taken and it's like "are people actually looking at me from the neck down???" LOL Anyways, gong show attempts all failed, so maybe we'll take one this week while it's still at least the right season.
It was fun to have Christmas be on a Sunday this year. I loved being able to focus on our Savior even more, and have the girls so excited for "Jesus' birthday!". It's amazing to think that the Son of God came to this earth as a tiny baby, and grew up into a man who could suffer everything for us, and because of Him we have the opportunity to access His atonement and repent and return to Him and our Heavenly Father, that is a gift that we love to celebrate as long and as much as possible.
I am sad that I didn't get to pay as much attention to our Christmas Program at church as I would've liked, our kids were horrible that day and it was only 1.5hrs long, not our usual 3hrs! Go figure. They've been really good every Sunday since, maybe that's our Christmas gift from them? Their only saving grace was that they looked so sweet in their Christmas dresses- again no picture this year, slacker mom.
It was fun to get to spend the morning with just the 4 of us and then go to my parents for the afternoon, so much less stressful this year. We had a great time visiting with my family and especially my brother and sister who are both away at school. The girls have been so confused when we go over and uncle Steve and aunty chelle (Michelle) aren't at Nana's anymore. All in all, a very fun-filled and successful Christmas season, only 11mths until we get to do it again!

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The Staheli's said...

Looks like a great Christmas. Love the pictures and the fact that you take every opportunity to share your testimony. I was thinking about you guys yesterday and was glad you updated so quickly. Good luck in the next little while as you get going on some of these new procedures and changes. ♥