The Days Before Christmas Part 3

We were extra lucky to get to have a lot of time to spend with our cousins this Christmas. I think it has to do with the fact that there are fewer nap schedules now that the kids are older and the babies are portable while they sleep. On this particular day we headed to Cross Iron to see Santa at Bass Pro and to maybe do some shopping- well we didn't get to do that part, but we saw things that we liked while we walked chased our kids down the corridors of the mall. K, can I just mention that it is way worth the long car ride to get to this mall, it is pretty much deserted every time that we venture out there, I always forget that. Anyways, it would've been nice to have cooperative kids that day, but it's probably a good thing. Another thing to love about this mall is the "kid tables" in the food court. Genius, except for the fact that at one point the kids in our posse decided to line up as many of the vacant chairs as possible, in rows, just like at church on Sundays! Pretty funny watching people try to maneuver through that obstacle with loaded trays of food and strollers, etc... Ah, but the kids were having so much fun, who were we to try and stop them? Evil laughs... Oh and just to explain, the Cinderella carriage, this was quite the experience for our kids, haha, they had never been in one of those mall rides before. Steve and I were definitely entertained by their "hit the deck" reaction when we put the money in and it started to move. It was soooooo worth the $2.

When we got home the girls had a huge amount of energy- stupid power naps on the way home. Anyways, we decided that since it was decently warm we would suit them up and go make a snowman. It's a good thing we took advantage of it while the snow lasted, we have just a few teeny tiny icy patches left now. Anywho, Kalea was hellbent on eating the snowman, she was super confused, we put it all together and she exclaimed "ICE CREAM! Let's eat him!" I mean, yeah he might've looked good enough to eat, but that doesn't mean you do it, but she did and there was no stopping her, until he fell over, and then she stomped the life out of him while Brynlee looked on in disbelief. Party. All in all it was a day well spent and we were glad that the girls went to bed early that night so we could just relax and wrap some presents and rest before our Christmas Eve festivities.

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The Staheli's said...

HAHAHAHA! Great picture of the ice cream snowman. :) That's Avery's favorite thing about snow too. She prefers to just eat it.