I just need to blog about how awesome it is to have a kid who sleeps through the night- most nights. Some days Kalea just does not want to have a nap, like yesterday. She slept for maybe 45mins in the morning and then maybe 25 in the afternoon. Then by the time 7:30 rolled around and I needed to be heading out to my Abs/Buns class she was still awake- seriously I dunno what happened to her sense of time. Well it turns out that I had nothing to worry about because once I was gone she had no problem falling asleep in the time it took me to drive the 5 minutes to my class AND she slept until almost 7 this morning!!! Steve and I did discuss the possibility that she woke up in the night and we just didn't hear her, but if that were the case then we were both sleeping more soundly than normal- especially him. So thanks Kalea, for giving us a full night of glorious uninterrupted sleep, it is greatly appreciated.


the fellers said...

oh....sleep...isnt it the best?

doyles said...

that's great that she's sleeping so well! when little T was born I had no circadian rythm at all and he would get up at 2 am and I would stupidly stay up until like 4 with him! yeah... took us a while to break that.

Sarah said...

I love your blog!