Can You Say Cheese???

This is just a review of 2009 thus far...

Kalea drove us to Edmonton to visit friends and family for New Years! She is advanced.

This is Kalea with her friend Timmy.... And then with her most special GREAT Grandma!

Kalea is learning to eat solids- she likes grain... not so crazy about bananas, but neither am I.

Sometimes she just wants to hang out in her crib and smother herself with a pillow?!

Just getting her used to the lens- we've decided Kalea will be the bread winner in our fam

She thinks I'm hilarious... And then steals my thunder by making hilarious faces at me...

This is Kalea at the Inauguration of Pres. Obama- she's really INTO politics and stayed up all morning to see what this Obama guy was all about... I think she likes him...

Did I mention she turned 5mths old on the 20th? Where did the time go already???

She doesn't even fit her cute "going home" outfit anymore :(


Jessica & Justin said...

I'm glad you are finally living up to the promise of many, many pictures! :D Love them all. She's absolutely adorable. (of course!) And I think we have a VERY similar picture of Avery driving us to California at just about the same age. :) Too cute. Great little smiley girl. Can't wait to meet her in about 6 months!

Scott and Tara said...

I loved that post. It was simple, cute pictures and told a story! What a happy baby you produced!