So after hearing all about the Stake RS Enrichment Night I have had a few thoughts...
I am really sad I couldn't go.
I dunno why I ended up with the worst migraine of my life the night before and then slept for most of the day of, but it makes me sad to have missed it. I do enjoy a girls' night out and all the better if I'm actually learning something! I'm grateful that we have a Stake RS Presidency who aren't boring and matronly- seriously all my friends went and had a blast, nobody complained about anything, well EXCEPT Pres. Carter blog stalking!!!
Which brings me to my next thought...
I really hope he does read my blog! Seriously.
I think it's kind of awesome that he even knows how to use the internet, and that he can use the funner things that you find on the internet, like YouTube and blogs- I know right?! It's nice to know that he's so interested to know about all of us and what we're up to, I wish everyone had a Stake President that's this interested in them.
It makes me a little more aware of what I write, not in a bad way though, it's obviously still me. But it does cause me to think about what I want to put out there for others to read about my life?
And by others I mean complete strangers AND Stake Presidents!

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