Desirae's 8mths!

Well, I guess 3 kids has forced me to put some blogging on the back burner, oops! Life is certainly busier and more scheduled now than it used to be. I really can't say that we're that much busier, because I like to keep us pretty free, but between Kindergarten, preschool, ballet and a new baby, I'd say life has been pretty full. Is it bad that I opted out of the winter session of dance because I just couldn't stand the thought of sitting and waiting for 2hrs a week with my infant for the other two to be done? I think it takes the joy out of the whole experience. Oh well. I'm pretty impressed that I did that for the fall session. Dance mom: check!
 In all reality it's probably a good thing that I opted out of doing it this session, Desirae is fully mobile now and it's awesome/scary all at the same time. She can motor around pretty good, army crawling mostly, but she's just figured out that she can in fact use her knees to move faster, so she's doing that more. True to Desi fashion, she made my life easy and waited until after Christmas to discover this new found freedom, so I didn't have to worry too much about her knocking the tree over!
Speaking of Desirae, let's just update on her...
Des will be 8 months old tomorrow??? Yes it's true and my heart simultaneously hurts and fills with joy that we are that far along in our life with her. She is just the sweetest, happiest thing and we all love her, probably a bit too much sometimes, but she lets us know when she feels too smothered. She still has no teeth, which is great and not great. She is constantly gnawing and chewing on things/fingers/random objects and I feel bad that for all the drooling and chewing she does, there's nothing there, poor kid. She is desperate for real food, she eats "real food mush" but she just really wants exactly what I'm eating, non-mushed. She is super independent and loves to make her voice heard. She says "hi" and "mum" and "dad" and "baba". I get the sense that she's a smarty pants, there are a few ways that I know that to be true, but can't really share the details of on a blog. Let's just say, she figured out where the milk comes from, but like, really truly figured it out... SO WEIRD, but smart, right? I've never had a baby do that, and it's not the only thing that she already has figured out either. She might be the smartest baby every born, okay? Totally unrelated, she loves to clap and play peek-a-boo and patt-a-cake and loves it when we blow raspberries on her belly or cheek. She does the cutest, scrunchy face smile right now that I feel the need to photograph incessantly- my phone literally is telling me to back off every time it flashes its "your memory is full" message at me. Good times. She's still my smallest baby weight wise, height wise she's pretty normal, but she is just finally getting some chunk on her, and now that she's mobile, I fear that'll be gone soon. She's so busy, she's decided to start weaning from me to the bottle, bittersweet, more sweet. I'd say that was a good run, considering how much effort we put into it. We still cuddle lots and she's my little sidekick while the big girls are at school. Des has the cutest laugh and we think she might be pretty funny, we're not 100% sure yet since she's mostly non-verbal, but we're hopeful. When she needs me, she likes to crawl to my feet or my side and start chewing the bottom of my jeans or pulling my shirt hem to her mouth- awesome attention seeking behavior. She is almost grown out of her bucket seat because of her long limbs and in turn wears size 9-12mths since the beginning of December. She is my baby with the most hair and a moderate case of cradle cap, so that's new and kind of a pain with so much hair to comb but we're dealing with it and she doesn't mind the hair combing one bit, she's even fallen asleep a few times in the process. Regardless, she loves bath time and tries to drink as much water as she possibly can while she's in the tub! I think that's mostly it. She loves technology and that was how we got her to crawl, go figure and just now she pulled herself up to standing for the very first time, all to try and get a piece of this computer I'm writing on, fun! That's my cue!
The other girls are awesome too, lots happening with every one of them. More updates soon, real soon. Sooner than 6mths anyway :)
See, we're all still here!

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