2 Months

I really can't believe Desirae has been here for two months already!?! In some ways it feels like she was just barely born and in others, like she's been here forever. She's fitting in pretty good around here. The girls love to mother her, and although I appreciate the help, it scares me to leave her in a room alone with them :) I've come back from the bathroom a few times to find her in totally different places, and Kalea ever so innocently asking "What mom? What's wrong?" as if she doesn't know! The girls are starting to be less accommodating when they have a need, I usually am in the process of nursing when they decide they need a drink or piece of bread desperately. At first when I'd tell them they could wait, they didn't bat an eyelash, now I'm getting the stomping and "I don't want to wait I'm going to staaaaaaaaarve!" response. Ah parenting.... Let's just say as far as I'm concerned, I feel like I'm totally winning most days :P
Desi has been a pretty good baby so far, people always ask, so I guess that's a good answer. They also ask how she is compared to the other two as babies and quite frankly, my memory ain't so hot since the other two were babies 5 and 4yrs ago, but I don't remember my other babies crying that much, and Des doesn't really cry all that much but it seems more than the others did. Also, when Bryn came along I was totally in the baby zone with her and Kalea, so I don't know how much I even really noticed any crying.
Anyways, Des is great, she is full of smiles and seems to like us. She is pretty attached to me, understandably, and her fussy time is pretty much right when dinner is, so that makes things fun. She's grown tons, it seems like she's rushing to catch up to her sisters and I love/hate that. I'm guessing she's probably close to 12 pounds at this point and somehow Des has gotten super long, or maybe she's just finally uncurled, but man alive I feel like she's all of a sudden HUGE. Desirae loves to be talked to and even when she's just lying next to me on the couch, she's all smiles. It's pretty cute to glance over at her and just see such a happy little face. She's finally starting to make more noise in the form of coo's and goo's although we haven't gotten a laugh out of her yet- except one night in her sleep she laughed and it was about the cutest thing you've ever heard, but only I heard it! Perks of being the mom I guess. We are super close to laughing while awake though, I'm hoping that I get the first one, but with my luck I'll be the one who tries so hard for it and then Steve will end up being the one who gets it just on a whim! It's been so great to have had so much family coming and going lately to be able to meet Desirae. All of her living great-grandparents have had the chance to meet her and some of her great-aunty's and uncles too. My brother was finally able to participate in the blessing of one of my kids, he missed the other two while he was on his mission, and Steve's sister and her family were in town for a few weeks visiting from New Zealand and we were able to bless Desi while they were here so she was able to meet all of her aunts, uncles and cousins too. It's so fun to see everyone love our newest family member and we feel especially fortunate to have so much family around to share her with.We're really enjoying Desirae, she's just exactly what we were missing in our family and now that she's here, all is right in our world.
On her blessing day, July 7th.
 PS. My mom is so crafty. We got Desi's dress from Carter's for $20, it was just plain. My mom went to Michael's and found a few things to add some bling. We had so much fun dressing Desi up for her special day, and special that we were able to have her blessed on my maternal grandmother's birthday. She was a spunky lady, who loved some sparkle, and having family around, we definitely felt her presence that day :)


Sheri said...

She is so sweet and that blessing dress is adorable!
Glad things are going well. It all sounds so similar to our 3rd baby. Those first two babies were a blur for me too and the 3rd has been a whole new experience. Enjoy it, it goes way too fast!

The Staheli's said...

Beautiful baby. Love her blessing dress and accessories! I'm terrible at keeping up with blogs these days, but I'm so glad you are still writing.