Our Night at the Temple

There are few things in life that compare to the peaceful tranquility of spending time in the temple. This week Steve and I were able to take our girls INSIDE, for the open house of the new Calgary Temple. It's hard to put into words just how special that experience was.
Our ultimate goal in life isn't to convert a bunch of people to our faith, although that's a nice idea,
our goal is to be together as a family, forever.
The promises that we make in the temple help us to achieve that goal, through faithful obedience,
and hopefully our kids will want the same for themselves and their future families.
We loved being inside this holy place with our girls. We loved seeing Kalea's face light up as we explained different things to her. We loved watching her grab her sisters hand and walk the halls more reverent than we've seen her in the last 4yrs.
We loved the smiles on their faces as they spun in front of the mirror in the Brides Room,
where someday I'll help them into their "princess dresses". We loved hearing them chat to each other in the backseat on the way home, about how they love the temple, about the "sparkles" aka chandeliers, and hearing Kalea exclaim that she wants to go back.
Brynlee's take on it was a little different, she seems to think the temple is a castle and Jesus fights the dragons. She also thinks that the font in the baptistry is a pool and told us that she wants to go swimming at the temple... We have a little work to do on that one :)
If anything, we hope and pray that the girls remember the feelings they had inside the temple,
at one point I asked Kalea how her heart felt and she said "My heart is happy, Mom!"
It's true, in the temple our hearts are happy, if you haven't gone for a tour, I highly recommend it.

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Sheri said...

I so can't wait to take our kids this week! So special.