I've been missing writing for a while now, not just writing about kids and daily events but actually writing with a purpose. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've been going through all my old high school/college essays, and just missing school in general. It's kind of nice having someone hand me a book to read and then asking me a thought provoking question to answer in so many words/pages. I feel so weird sometimes. Anyways, I've thrown around lots of ideas for how to force myself to write more and people have suggested getting paid for blogging, etc... So I've been researching and all that fun stuff, haha and lo and behold, I don't write enough! As in I've approached some agencies and they like what they see but they want you blogging 20x in 90 days, minimum. So that's good to know now, I wish I had known that, oh I dunno, when Kalea was 1ish and I was blogging like a maniac about all her craziness almost every other day! So if anyone has any suggestions for things they'd like to read about, besides my children and their daily activities, please feel free to share your ideas with me. It'll be a fun "summer project" for me, right?

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The Staheli's said...

We will keep Kalea and the MRI in our prayers. I'm so glad you have had such great doctors for all of this. Love you! ♥