Call Me Maybe... But If I Don't Answer, Leave a Message

Just a bit of a "first world" rant, if you will. Can someone please explain to me, why, with all of these fantastic technological advancements, nobody leaves actual VOICEMAIL on my phone??? It is driving me insane, if you call and I don't answer please LEAVE A MESSAGE. I hate checking the caller ID and seeing a bunch of missed calls and then wondering, hmmm do I call back and do the lame-o "Hi I see that you called me today, did you need something?" I thought voicemail was created to solve this problem... Sometimes I feel like nobody calls me except my Mom and my husband, and on most days that's actually true, so imagine the joy of coming home from a busy day and seeing names on the caller ID that are out of the norm and then the deflation that happens when you realize, I guess they didn't want to talk to me... sad day guys, sad day.
K, and just a funny tidbit from the dating years...
Once upon a time a girl gave a guy her phone number at a party to which she did not bring her phone, then the guy called her a zillion times over the course of a few days. The girl being somewhat of an, um, airhead, wondered who in the world from a 403 number would be calling her? It took a few days for her to just answer the call, and finally figure out who the heck was calling her, the rest is fairytale history, BUT a voicemail sure would've gotten the romance ball rolling a few days sooner. Just sayin'.

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Sheri said...

This made me laugh! I couldn't agree more, sounds exactly like my life.