Reunion Fun & Games

I have been trying to post the rest of my reunion stuff for a few weeks now. Blogger has been slow to say the least, so finally here they are.
 I'm thankful to the creators of Minute to Win It for providing mindless activities that we can all be entertained by, as a family :) It really was hilarious and definitely great bonding time.

I'm glad that even during our down time, there were lots of different people to talk to, and a great assortment of lively conversation. And if not, there were always kids to entertain.
 Remember that time that Kalea got into Michelle's make-up and made herself a "Goth Goddess" in less than a minute? Yeah, that happened at the reunion too, in between climbing and monkeying around of course!
 Or how about the time Brynlee and uncle Stephen got reacquainted? Magic. She didn't even play shy when he got home from school last week- yay for reunion bonding!
 How about when Kalea would rather tumble through a ditch to go hang out with some cows than sit/stand for a family picture after church? That was fun. She took her sister with her. It was only blistering hot out, what's a half hour standing in the heat gonna do anyways? The cows sure enjoyed it, and Brynlee now "Mooo's" at every animal she sees, which means it was a happy thing for her, awesome!
I think the best part of the reunion was celebrating Grandma's 80th birthday, granted a little early, but it was fun to celebrate with as many people as possible for a change. The cakes were AMAZING, I can't even explain how good, and the reminiscing was so awesome. One thing about my Grandma that I love is that she loves us all differently, but equally. I have never felt like she cares any more or any less for me compared to another grandchild, I just feel really lucky that I've gotten to have so much of her attention growing up and even as an adult. *Her bday post will be next month, stay tuned*
So that was our fun at the reunion, finally all blogged about. Next up, SLC and going home early, HA.

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