I Just Realized Something

There was a point in my life where I tried really really hard to always look fan-freaking-tastic, always. Even in my pjs, while running to the grocery store, I had this weird desire to make sure that my hair/make-up were perfect even if my attire wasn't... As evidenced this weekend, things have changed, boy have they changed.
We had a very full weekend, over which a wedding and reception were held and we road-tripped some of those hours in between. We were also assigned to do the snack for nursery on Sunday morning, which I had the option to bail out of doing, but in an effort to be accommodating, I said, "Oh don't worry I can still do it, no big deal"...ahem... I think I had one of those weekends where I thought I could be superwoman. The kind of weekend where you leave the house on Thursday night with a kitchen full of dirty dishes and you think "Oh, I will have time tomorrow night to wash those" and then you don't. The kind of weekend where you think "I can totally make the nursery snack before/after the wedding reception and clean-up" and then you don't, because you didn't manage to get the kitchen cleaned the night before and when you get home and realize what a mess it is, you have zero desire to start cleaning and baking... Had I had more sleep/energy this weekend, these things all would've been do-able. Except that I didn't hardly sleep all week. Ugh!
So what is the solution to my problem? A late night run to Superstore to buy their muffins instead, therefore I would avoid having to clean my kitchen and bake and make more mess to clean up... HA! Except that as I took off my party dress and threw on my baggiest, elastic ankle sweatpants, a t-shirt (with no bra) and a really light striped sweater... make-up a mess, hair not too bad, runners on... I forgot that I was going to have to run to the store after dropping my babysitters off at home... I also forgot that I was wearing no bra and it was cold outside... To add to the awesome-ness of things, when I got to the store I just hopped out of the car and ran inside... Completely forgetting to make sure that my t-shirt was pulled down to hide my fat and cover the elastic top of my way too big sweats and undergarments... No seriously, it was so bad, I have never looked so horrible anywhere, ever in my life! Luckily very few people witnessed the loser-ish mess, but as I ran into the store there were some girls that looked at me quizzically and I wondered why, and inside the store a guy looked at me funny and hesitated to walk in front of or behind me, all of which was very confusing to me, until I looked down and realized that my pants were low-riding and my shirt was riding up and yeah... FAIL! I AM SO NOT COOL ANYMORE! Guys, help me! LOL


The Wolff Den said...

Oh Allison, this made me laugh--I love it! Too funny!

.the palsky's. said...

this is awesome. i love reading your blog allison.

Fern Marusiak said...

So funny, you make me laugh!