Weak Sauce & Other Random Tidbits

First, I did not get to complete Round #1 of my diet :( I was so sick I could hardly move last week. Steve took Kalea out and about for a few days and left me home with Brynlee- which was so fun for her- but there was one day where I quite literally could barely lift her out of her crib and ended up practically sliding down the stairs because I had about zero energy to walk down them. She laughed the whole way down. Good times. Anyways, the weight is staying off and it feels good to be eating more normal foods, although definitely not in the portions I was before. So we can call that a success I guess.
Second, Steve and I are venturing out to start our Bikram yoga this week. Yes that's the "hot" yoga. I think I am going to like it, if only for the fact that it will mean I get a regularly scheduled shower after each class :)
Third, Kalea told me that she loved me, unprompted for the very first time the other day. This was before she absolutely destroyed the basement and got in mega trouble, but I'll take it. She said it so happily, and made sure to yell "MOM" at the end. I even cried when I told Steve about it because some days I just feel like nothing is getting into her head, but I guess it is! Success again!
Fourth, Brynlee is so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it. She is definitely a lovey dovey sap and loves to walk over to me and just put her head down on my lap. She is my cuddly girl and if I'm sitting on the floor, she is usually sitting with me. Bryn loves books and hearing her own voice, she quite frequently takes a book that I've just finished reading and will "read" it back to me in her own jibberish.
Fifth, Steve bought me a Christmas tree last week and we put Christmas up. I love it and it made me forget about being sick for a little bit. Christmas decorations are just so cheerful and the girls absolutely love all the lights and decorations, it makes me never want to take them down! I thought the sooner we got everything up, the sooner they'd get used to it and leave the ornaments alone, etc... It has worked! Once a day both girls have a moment of "ooh the tree" and shake a few ornaments/branches, but that's it. I just explain what it is and to only touch and then they get bored and move along. Thank goodness!


The Hatch Family said...

Nothing beats an unprompted "I love you"..........sure does make it all worth it!
Good luck with the tree :)

Jacqui said...

I hope you love hot yoga. I love it (and kind of hate it) but I find I start to crave it. It is a nice break although its hard to fit it in sometimes!

Tiffany Johnson said...

Hot Yoga??? I want to try it! Sounds warm. :-) And sometimes, it's those little words out of that little mouth that make everything horrible that day seam like a piece of cake. What a little sweetheart. And about Christmas. Isn't it the best getting everything put up? There's just something about the majic, especially with little ones running around.