The Post That Never Was...

I had grand plans for my Father's Day post this year, like really grand. Right as soon as we returned to Saskatoon after our fun-filled weekend home, I was going to post this beautiful pic of Steve and Kalea that I have been saving for said post. Then I was going to gush about the men in my life and how awesome and extra special each of them are...
Well funny thing about my plan, we still have not returned to Saskatoon?!?!?!
I know, what the what?! (thank you Liz Lemon & 30 Rock for drastically increasing my vocabulary of awesome phrases)
I will explain to the best of my ability.
Saskatoon has been fun for many reasons, mostly because we've had so much family time and a huge house and yard to enjoy. The downside has been the lack of actual selling of alarm systems, therefore we are not really making any money, we are just covering our usual expenses- barely and the company is paying rent in 'toon and at home.
Which means we are actually making less- and thank goodness I had the "inspiration" to swing the deal I did about paying rent at home or we wouldn't have had a home to come back to at this point. I honestly am so thankful I listened to my prompting instead of listening to everyone else who thought I was "taking advantage" of my bro-in-law. I think both of us are fairly good at separating the "work relationship" from the "family relationship", and I'm grateful that he was willing to bargain with me on that one. It has eased a lot of stress knowing that no matter what happens in Saskatoon, I still have my home.
Summer sales are unpredictable at best.
Steve isn't selling because it's not really his cup of tea to knock doors- apparently 2yrs was enough for him :P He wanted to do installs because that's where the guaranteed money is- as long as you're doing 1-2 a day all summer, you'll come out with a decent chunk of change at the end to feel comfortable. Sales in Saskatoon this summer have been less than stellar, so the day after we got to Calgary we found out that they were bringing all our sales guys to Calgary for 2wks... Which means we get to stay home for 2 wks!
Which means we packed enough clothes for our 3/4 day stay and are staying for 14??? Oh wait, scratch that they just added another week...
My hunch is that we're home for good, but who really knows?
We have also learned that our "sales team" is now basically 2 guys, one of whom would rather be in Calgary for the rest of the summer... SO all I'm really sure of is that we are home and loving it and so happy that Steve is busy with work and the girls and I are busy with our routine. Here are some of the highlites of being home:
  • No more 5:30 a.m. wake up calls!
  • Regular naps!
  • Less tv!
  • More walks/playdates!
  • Lake access down the street!
It is really really good to be home!
*Lack of pictures due to the fact that my camera charge cord is stuck in Saskatoon as are my most recent cute pix of kids and Steve*

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