On Being Grateful...

Does it seem weird to anyone else when you hear some of the things people are grateful for? Is it horrible of me to make assumptions about a person based on their "gratitude list"? Perhaps... but if you're gonna throw something stupid out there, you'd best be willing to take a little flack for it...
Grateful for gum... GUM? Really, you couldn't come up with something a few steps beyond that?
In hopes that someone reading my blog might want to judge me based on my "gratitude list" here is what I am grateful for these days... In no particular order:
1) Family: Steve's and my own and ours together. We are really lucky to have so much love and support and help from both sides, in varying ways. I'm also thankful for my brother who is 7wks away from coming home. 2yrs goes by so fast, but I have been missing him- I'm sure I can blame both pregnancies on my need to fill the void he left. Kids, well Kalea and Fetus... Kalea is just a bundle of energy and I'm grateful to be able to be home with her- even if somedays she rules the house. Steve... I can't really say enough about this guy that I'm married to. He puts up with so much crud from me, it's not even funny. He is really the most patient person I know and on the days when Kalea has taken over the house, he sends me away to take a break/breather. He does really nice things for me like vacuuming and putting together closet organizers and hauling laundry up and down the stairs... He even splurged on a few desks so that I could have a more organized space for all my scrapbooking/sewing/computer stuff. I would venture to guess that he might love me a lot, and I'm pretty confident that I love him back.
2) Church: Well more specifically my faith and knowledge in and of a Heavenly Father who loves and knows me personally. I am so grateful to have a Savior who willingly took upon himself all my sins and sorrows and bore that burden so that I could repent and oneday return to my Heavenly Father's presence. I'm also grateful for my calling in the RS Presidency. I am learning so much and feel so blessed to be growing alongside some pretty amazing women.
3) Modern Technology and My Ability to Live Happily Without It: We're on a tight budget with this baby coming and obviously the lack of mat leave funds, since I didn't have a chance to really go back to work. So we took some luxuries like internet and cable off of our list of needs. To be honest it was a hard adjustment but I'm not sad that we've done it. We have so much more time to get things done and life is somehow more blissful. We don't spend hours on the internet doing nothing anymore and we don't spend hours in front of the tv. It's been a nice break, although we are considering basic cable through the winter. We have proven that the world didn't end when we stopped wasting our time doing nothing- and thankfully we have parents that let us waste time on their luxuries if we need to :)
4) Safety: It snowed overnight and I had a doctor's appt this morning. The usual 25min drive turned into an hour long event and I was so grateful to arrive safely and get home to mom's safely after. We'll keep our fingers crossed for Steve on his way home from work tonight.
5) Friends: I have awesome friends that I've talked about recently so this will be brief. It's just so nice to know that there are people in this world who really know and understand and still love you. Tara and I went out last week. She wasn't feeling 100% and well, I'm huge so we may have both been a bit out of it. But it was so nice to go out with her and chat and just enjoy the company. I really needed that!
6) All the Other Things That I Forgot... Whatever those are, I'm grateful for them and maybe at the very bottom of my list in the teensiest font size possible, I'm grateful for gum too.


Scott and Tara said...

Great post! I should write down what i am grateful for. I miss the days when my dad would go around the dinner table at thanksgiving and ask us what we are thankful for!
Yes i wasn't feeling 100% so we shall go out again before this little baby arrives! I didn't go to work that next day and attempted work on Friday but left! I hate colds!

Valerie Mom said...

Reading your post made me feel grateful for the technology that allows me to eavesdrop a little and get a small glimpse into your life and heart. I think blogging is such an awesome way to journal. One of these days I may become patient enough to wade through the learning curve so I can become proficient enough to actually make it worth my time to do. I'm certainly grateful for family, immediate and extended who teach me everyday by the things they do and the people they are.

Dixie said...

Hey, I know this is really late, but I just barely stumbled upon your blog for the first time. Great post! I love the way you put in in writing.

Justin and Jessica said...

Great post...now hand those babies off to Steve or your mom for a minute and update!! :) :) :)