Today we had a great RS lesson about friendship. But before I get into that can I just say how much I love Joseph Smith? Seriously. Anyways...
Our lesson got me thinking a lot about where I've come from and more importantly who has been there for this crazy/wonderful journey to "Adulthood". A comment was made about how true friends are the ones you can just pick up where you left off with- even if it's been years. I totally "get" that. So much more than anyone in my ward could ever really know. I tried to comment a few times, but my arms were heavy and my eyes were SO full the entire time. And let's be honest, emotional, large/pregnant women just aren't attractive when they try to talk through tears- I can say that because I am one of them. So I didn't comment, but I didn't want to let the feelings of my heart go unsaid.
I have grown up with the most wonderful friends. When the lesson talked about how Joseph felt about each of his friends, I can promise you I feel the same way about mine. Steadfast, unwavering, kind, loyal, true, etc... I can put faces to those words. I think about friends who struggled with me through some really retarded situations. I think about friends who have lifted me when I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think about friends who I have laughed with. Friends I've gone from birth to adulthood with. Friends who are young and friends who are old. Friends who I've just begun with. I do not know how I could've ended up at this place in my life without my friends.
I always get "friend-sick" at this time of the year, maybe because it's the beginning of the school year and I'm reminded again that those years are gone. Today's lesson was an awesome reminder that I have been and continue to be so blessed with great friendships. I miss being so close to my friends- you all know what I mean. I miss stealing squeegies from gas stations. I miss late LATE nights/ early EARLY mornings- although I can't stay up past 10:30 anymore... I miss all the cheap movies we went to all summer long, every summer- I even saved the ticket stubs? I'm sure I intended to scrapbook them... LOL Anyways, I just want my friends to know how much their friendship means to me, and how many times they've been an answer to my prayers- in the simplest of ways. I wish I could express it the way I want to, to each one of you. If you missed the lesson it's Chapter 40, and it's so good. Oh and p.s. Julie I met a girl a few months ago and she has your exact same voice/laugh and I bump into her all the time, but she's just not you and it makes me sad- for her cuz I'm sure she's never stolen a squeegie in her life and how can you feel fulfilled as a person if you've never done that???


The Whiddens said...

Aaaaah! I love it! That was just the sweetest post Alli, and it made me miss you so much and all our fun times together. Yes, I feel bad for that girl too if she's never stolen a squeegie from a gas station before. Maybe you should initiate her - haha!

Yesterday was Stake Conference for us, so we will get Lesson 40 next week - I am looking forward to it! Thanks to you too for being such an awesome friend - I love ya!

Tiffany Johnson said...

holy crap! You blogged! I can't believe it. There is hope for this world! :-) I second everything you said.. without all the personal stabs at humor.. I don't know those people! :-) But yes, friends are great and I'm thankful as well.