Know what I learned yesterday??
The average American Couple
(this can probably apply to the rest of the world too)
spends ONLY 12 mins conversing with each other per day!!!!
It's no wonder 50% of all marriages fail.
Steve and I have decided that, to beat the odds, we will spend
13 mins/day conversing with each other
just so we don't become one of those sad statistics :P
*Please note Steve and I do spend way more time talking to each other daily than 13mins
and feel very badly about the misfortune of others, this is just an interesting statistic*


the fellers said...

serious? that is so sad....

Jessica & Justin said...

I agree, very interesting. And also very sad. 12 minutes is nothing. :( Guess you and I are lucky girls...or maybe we just do all the talking. Ha! :D