First of all, thanks to Sarah for forcing me to make my blog beautiful- if I don't say so myself!
Next, oh my goodness!
I can't get over how ridiculously hard it is to find anything, (ie. cards) that say
"Merry Christmas"
They have a whole whack-load of gorgeous, sparkly cards at Michael's and every single last one of them says "Happy Holidays" aka "Bah Hum Bug".
Whatever happened to "Merry Christmas" anyways?
It makes me sad to think that my kids are going to grow up in a world so
"politically correct" read intolerant of Christianity.
I'm no Scrooge, really I'm not,
I just refuse to say "Happy Holidays"- that's what teachers say before summer break.
I have goals for the upcoming year like losing the baby weight and being more active, but until the new year begins I have one final goal to complete for 2008
I am going to say
to anyone who crosses my path.
I don't think it's rude/malicious/unkind/politically incorrect to use this phrase at this time of the year- even to people who may not share my beliefs.
Why? you might ask
Because I had a Muslim college professor from the Middle East, who taught me that although he might not believe that Jesus was the Savior of the world, he does believe that Jesus was a good and a kind and a charitable person- someone to be celebrated.
He didn't mind the card I gave him that said
Merry Christmas
Prof. Malak was happy to be thought of at this time of the year. It didn't matter that my beliefs and his were different, it mattered that the spirit of goodness, kindness and charity go forward. So I'm on a crusade to spread the Christmas Spirit, not holiday cheer.
After all, we have holidays all year long
Christmas only comes once a year.
So Merry Christmas!


Justin and Jessica said...

Yay for a blog!! And I am unable to vote on your poll...but HELLO! Of course you should post a million pictures! :D
AND, I totally agree. There is a REASON Christmas is called CHRISTmas!!! Seriously people...get over it! So a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too!

Krystal Simpson said...

ooh, I have an idea next Christmas you should get your amazingly cool friend who happens to live in Rexburg, Idaho to design a CHRISTmas card for you that says Merry Christmas!

The Boob Nazi said...

I was buying the gelt that See's Candy sells for Hanukkah, and the woman ringing me up called out, "Merry Christmas!" I wasn't insulted because I'm actually not Jewish, but I think a "Happy Holidays" would've gone well there. I think it just matters on who you're talking to. Why not avoid the 5% of people who would be insulted if you don't know?
Just my opinion!