Blogging Hiatus...

PS I dislike the new blogger interface and how I still can't figure out how to get my pix side by side, just in case you were wondering why my post looks insane!

You know how sometimes words and thoughts just flow together like a really pretty picture? Well lately my words and thoughts are kind of like my 3yr olds' finger paintings, all over the place and not super meaningful. Not that I'm not amazed by every single one, but they are just kind of thrown on the page, right? So anyways, in lieu of words, let's enjoy some pictures!


Entertaining the munchkins during family photos, from airplane rides to horsey rides. They actually cooperated pretty good for us, very surprising since they normally don't so much. Although when they were done with pictures they were DONE, and hid themselves under Nana's kitchen table!
They love to torment each other lately, just like in this picture. A hug might look, to an outsider, like a sign of affection, in our house it turns into a way to assume power and control over any given situation. Most hugs lately turn into headlocks and screaming and then wrestling to the ground and one or both kids coming to tell me that the other kid wouldn't let them go. And I thought all this was just a "boy thing" HAHAHA funny joke...
Fall has arrived so we have taken full advantage of the cooler days down in Fish Creek Park. We are so lucky to live in the city, but be so close to nature. This day we went with our friends down to the creek and the girls loved having permission to throw rocks into the water, oh man, the simple things.

Living with so many huge trees on our street has it's perks- we get tons of leaves to play in!

We are busy busy at this time of year and are trying to pack as much fun into these last nice days as we can. Regular blogging will resume after Halloween and before Christmas, I hope!


Megan said...

Boys punch, not hug. They also spit on each other.

The Staheli's said...

Fantastic pictures. You guys live in such a beautiful area. We've been missing it lately. :)