Just Typing As I'm Thinking

Sometimes I think in a person's journey to finding answers, they forget that serving others is the easiest way to find what they're looking for. I am no "theologian" but I find that if "God's not talking to me" it's usually because I'm not listening, or finding a way to meet Him halfway. You can't just walk through life thinking you're making an effort, if you're not reaching further than the confines of your own home/life. The feeling that you're alone isn't something that anyone else can fix, and sometimes it requires a bit more effort than just talking about it or listening to somebody else tell you what they think will "fix" you. I honestly just feel sometimes that there's so much talking and no doing, so little focus on what needs to happen. I'm a huge believer in finding our own way, but I'm not too keen on the sitting around and waiting for an answer to finally come. Answers take work. We can read and meditate and think and write all we want, but usually the end result requires that we physically do a little more than just those things. I remember as a youth how, whenever an adult leader mentioned a "service project" most of us would squirm down into our seats, or the resonating whiny "another one?" would echo through the room. I didn't realize it then, but those "service projects" would become more for me than the people we were serving. The feeling of knowing that you are doing something right now that is of value, that your Heavenly Father wouldn't want you doing any other thing in this moment is enough to make me want to time-warp back to the moments when I whined and make my efforts a little more purposeful. I have gained so much in those moments and I think as adults, we forget that sometimes the simplest things bring about the most good.
Service. That's where the answers are at. That's when it's easiest for us to be prompted and recognize the Spirit that leads to doing good. That's what Jesus was doing His whole life. That's how we can hear our Heavenly Father best. That's why we need to do more of it. That's why we need men like this. That's why we can be grateful that God is always speaking to us, if we're listening.


Kim said...

You are sooo good at writing...I've enjoyed catching up on your blog!! Such cute kiddies too :) And I agree that service is great. It's good at helping to forget ourselves and think about others. :)

Becca Jane said...

It's funny.... I don't blog-hop very often. But when I do, I ALWAYS end up finding such awesome people! I just did a post a week or two ago about service and testified of how it brings happiness.

I'd LOVE to share a Love Story...in the beginning, I had so many people sign up, but now it's dried up and I've had to share 3 of my own, haha! Just email me your story (in either word or type it up in blogger and copy the html). It's been a fun blog to do, I love reading everyone's cute stories! You can see mine at Week 8, 18, & 20.

And my daughter's name is Allie, so I love meeting other Allie's....haven't met one I didn't love yet! Must be the name, right? :)