I love the beginning of a new year, resolutions and all. It's strange to think that not only are we ending a year, but beginning a whole new decade?! Ten years of my life just left their markings on a few journal pages and flew right off into the time capsule. Let's review some of the highlights...
  1. The Year 2000(ooh ahhh)-'01: turned 16; moved back to Sh.Park; learned to drive without hitting anything- but for those who were wondering, I drove the wrong way down a one-way street and survived to write about it :)
  2. 2002: graduated high school; traveled for a glorious summer month; enjoyed an un-parented week in Panorama with Becky, Liv and of course Mandy & Troy- our adult supervision; endured working at Denny's to save for my classes at G-Mac
  3. '03-'05: Met a boy in a "skirt"; went to school alternating semesters of working, learning and then doing both at the same time- wouldn't recommend that torture; NCMO'd my way through YSA- not hugely proud of that, but it is what it is; avoided being "set-up" with skirtboy, then found myself hugely interested and took a chance; fam moved to Calgary- not to be closer to skirtboy, but it worked for the relationship; took a mini-vacay to Disneyland with my brother- it was our first sibling trip sans parents and it was really fun; went snowboarding for the first and last (so far) time
  4. '06-'09: Taught Gospel Doctrine classes in my YSA ward- yikes; endured some less than fun parental counsel sessions; fled to Utah; enjoyed Utah & California- did not enjoy being broken down on a highway just outside of "DEATH VALLEY, NEVADA"- I believe the temp was 116F when we passed the sign; found an awesome job at a chiro office; got engaged to skirtboy; married skirtboy; visited Utah for a cousins wedding & our first cross border roadtrip; had a baby; moved in with the in-laws and all of us survived; started a blog;found out we were having ANOTHER baby; turned 25; found a townhouse to call home; had fun with the cousins at our first reunion; had a baby!
A lot happens in 10yrs. I'm looking forward to watching my girls grow up in the next 10, being a little more fearless and focussing more on developing my "mom-skills". I'm just realizing that I really grew up in the last 10, maybe this next 10 will be more about growing outward and doing more for others? Something to think about I guess :)
I raise my glass of yummy sparkling grapefruit ginger ale to you and yours.
Here's to a fresh 2010!

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Dixie said...

Congrats on a fun 10 years! Hope the next 10 are just as great!

P.S. When did you get old enough to be a mother of two?? You young girls are just making us old girls feel even older.