Bikram Kicks My Butt

Oh boy, last nights class was my first in a while and it dang near killed me. I have forgotten a few things about Bikram, haha or about how to prepare for it, I do this often with a lot of various activities.

Anyways, the mistakes are as follows:
I didn't eat enough yesterday
I didn't drink enough yesterday
I forgot how stinkin' hot that room can really be
I wore way too many clothes
I closed my eyes too much
I forgot my positive self-talking
I got stupidly frustrated with myself
I could not get my knees to participate properly in the locked position, seriously.
I forgot that it's hard, mentally and physically
I wasn't in the moment enough

BUT that being said, here are the good things:
I actually showed up like I said I was going to
I stayed in the room the whole time, even when I felt like I might puke/pass out/die
I left the house really early and got a solid 2+hrs of relative peace and quiet
While my first class may have been WAY easier, part of that was because I was so out of shape that my muscles were happy to be moving whatever which way I told them to go. This time my body was fighting me- but that's because I've been working it hard, and the muscles don't want to be stretched even though they desperately need it. Signs of progress!
I realized just how dehydrated my body was because I have been slacking at drinking all the water that it needs, so today has been all about refueling and bathroom breaks, Kalea keeps asking me what I'm doing every single time I go to the bathroom, I guess she's not used to me being in there that much besides to help her
My body feels much looser today than it has in weeks- huge blessing since everything has been feeling so tight- and when I say everything I mean from the top of my head to my toes, it's been crazy.
I had the absolute BEST, DEEPEST, MOST RESTFUL sleep that I've had in a looooooong time and didn't mind the girls waking us up at 6:15 as much as I normally do.
There's a palpable quiet after a class, when everyone is just sitting/cooling off in the hallway, it's kind of interesting to observe, those who are speaking, speak in hushed tones and it's not just quiet, it's reverent in the way that I think we talk about at church but, at least for me, I never feel like I actually achieve it, except after yoga- probably because I have no kids screaming/trying to run all over
When I leave the studio and walk out into the cool evening air I feel grateful for that experience, I just don't get that after any other kind of workout
My head feels more clear/alert/aware
I have almost mastered the floor series half of the class- which is great because that part of the class goes by SO fast when you know what you're doing and it involves a lot of just laying, relaxed on your back- which I am an expert at :)

And I will go again and probably love/hate it a little more and maybe get my butt kicked a lot more, but there's some weird part of me that likes the challenge so don't feel too bad for me!


Sheri said...

You almost have me convinced to try it.......almost! The heat factor scares me.
The love/hate sounds like the addictive relationship I had with spin class. Can't wait to get active again.

Allison said...

Sheri, once you get that baby out and c-section incision healed, you have got to try it. Bonus, pregnancy/nursing hormones keep your body limber/looser than normal, so it shouldn't feel overly painful, also a great way to train the whole muscular-skeletal system back into alignment, etc... I think time of day has a lot to do with how hot the room feels, this class was in a back-to-back room so we went in right after another class and it was HOT, but it's tolerable. If you can stay in the room for the full 90mins that is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, let alone doing all the postures. It's a cool experience, I think everyone should try it at least a handful of times :)